The Channel Editor for SAMSUNG Televisions.

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What is SamyCHAN?

Have you ever had the problem sorting your channels on a Samsung TV? Editing all the channels by using the remote can be annoying. Specially if you need to do bigger changes to your channel list. SamyCHAN is the solution. You can download your channel list to a USB-Stick and open it with SamyCHAN. Now you can easily edit all your channels. Isn't that great?


Organize your TV's channel lists (digital, analog, dvbc, ...) and resort your channels easily.


Edit your channel names


Build and modify your favorites.

Supported series












Do you want to get some impressions of SamyCHAN in action? Here are some screens.

Howto export the channel-list from your SAMSUNG TV

Have you just bought a brandnew hightech samsung television? Congratulations. Sorting the favorite channels is probably one of the first things you do. Nowadays, specially with hundreds or thounds of channels, this task can be a very cumbersome. Moving channels by using the remote, e.g. from #343 to #23, takes some time. To make things easier, i have written this tool. With SamyCHAN you can organize your channel list very comfortable.

Export your channel list as .SCM

Want to start now? No problem. Basically the procedure is the following:

  1. Export channel list (.scm) to a usb-stick
  2. Open it with SamyCHAN, edit and save it
  3. Import channel list (.scm) from usb-stick

Where do i find the export-option?

Every SAMSUNG television (at least since the b-series) has the posibility to export the channels. The magic option is transfer channel list. This options is sometimes a bit hidden.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Go to the main item Broadcasting
  3. Open channel settings (last item)
  4. choose transfer channel list
  5. enter your pin (default: 0000)